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Strictly NO flying or visiting the Club


Club CRASH is the largest RC (radio controlled) 3D and scale helicopter club in Canada. We are the only club in Canada to be dedicated exclusively to RC helicopters since 1979, when the founders of the club and pioneers of the time, Eugène Bélanger and Jean-Luc Bolduc (who represented Canada at the World Championships F3C 1985) decided to establish the club.

If you are a RC helicopter pilot enthusiast like all of us, this club is for you! Located in Mirabel, in the province of Quebec, the club is the only one with the necessary facilities to operate throughout the year, from January to December inclusive. In fact, we offer to our members a large and secure practice area with three helipads, a heated clubhouse with electricity for the winter season and many preparation tables for your helicopter models. A toilet is also installed at the site and a large parking area borders a portion of the perimeter for members and public during events.

Every two years we host an air show (Funfly), where members are invited to show their models and skills to the public. These festive and unifying events are the perfect opportunity to share and enjoy the coaching of more experienced pilots.

The club is operational 365 days a year
Includes a heated Clubhouse, with electricity and a toilet.

Finally, discover the passion of the largest RC 3D and scale helicopter club in Canada. Please visit our Membership page for details and costs for annual membership to our club!


Anyone with a RC helicopter can apply for membership in our club. We accept all types of RC helicopters, from the smallest to the largest, whether a 3D model or scale (Scale), electric or nitro.
Membership fees are due January 1st each year.
Members are not permitted to fly without a valid MAAC membership and Club CRASH membership card.


Please note that to be accepted as an active member of the club CRASH, you must be a member of MAAC (Model Aeronautics Association of Canada). This membership offers liability insurance and is mandatory to fly on the grounds of our club. You can get all the necessary information and a host of other relevant information on this site: MAAC